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Hi, it's Mirjam from Onlightning. I just love Rock'n'Roll, don't you? And then the underground bands especially. That energy of a hard working Hard Rock band... it's a lifestyle, for the musicians but also for the music lovers. Driving hours and spending all vacation days at work just to connect with the music.

Not that I don't like the bigger Rock'n'Roll bands. I love them just as much and I am so happy some of them manage to have bigger audiences. Bands like Airbourne, Thundermother, Danko Jones, The Darkness, The Hellacopters... 

I just love to make plans too. Organise, promote and do marketing. Maybe you don't. And that's where my super power kicks in. After years of growing music business skills, I am happy that I have discovered that I connect 'the dots' fast. See opportunities and take them into action. Bite into marketing knowledge and use it to promote Rock'n'Roll. 

I do that since 2006 with The Dirty Denims, managing, booking and promoting my own band. Since 2018 I started with Onlightning to teach musicians how to promote and to book themselves. For 10 years I worked at pop centre POPEI in Eindhoven, supporting the local music scene and sharing musician tips. Since 2022 I work part time as a marketer at ECI cultuurfabriek Roermond, promoting concerts, theater performances and film screenings.

Onlightning is in a discovery fase how to promote Rock'n'Roll at it best. From April 2024 I'm the Rock promotor at Café The Jack Eindhoven The Netherlands. I'm booking solo shows at other venues as well. Organising the Denim & Lightning festival at Ragnarok Bree Belgium. And when I find the time I will book small tours for Rock'n'Roll bands I'm excited about too. I'm sharing business and marketing tips for musicians on Facebook, Instagram and email. And I share the cool bands you have to know on social media. 

So head over to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and/or mailinglist and don't miss out!



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